Autumn is a fun time of year that brings trips to the pumpkin patch and cinnamon flavored goodies, but as the days grow cooler and the leaves change colors, it also becomes time for fall maintenance outside of your home. Start the season right with these 6 tasks for your checklist.

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1. Clear your home’s gutters.

When the leaves start falling, it’s a good idea to check your gutters. Debris build up can not only block water flow to your home’s downspouts but also weigh down your gutters, potentially causing damage. Trapped water can also cause rust, mold or roof rot. Regular cleaning prevents these hazards. We recommend hiring a professional, but if you plan to maintain your gutters yourself, remember to follow proper safety guidelines and always have someone else present to help hold the ladder steady. Having gutter guards installed can also help debris blocks from forming.

2. Check the roof.

Having your roof inspected is also a preventative measure for the season. Look for loose or damaged shingles and any places that are cracked or in need of repairs. This will prevent leaks and structural issues. If there are skylights, vents or chimneys on the roof, those will also need to be checked and require further professional cleaning, repair or maintenance.

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3. Prepare your pipes.

Preventing water damage isn’t just about the pipes inside your home. Consider insulating any pipes outside before the temperature drops to freezing. Turn off and drain outdoor faucets as fall comes, and drain water hoses before detaching them and store them properly.


4. Clean up the leaves.

Just like with your gutters, you want to prevent leaves from building up in your yard and pathways. Slick leaves can cause spills, and leaf piles can also hide tree roots or small holes that could cause injuries. Keeping your yard and paths clear helps prevents these accidents. Leaf piles can also attract pests, who could then migrate inside to your warm home. Don’t feel like raking? You can mow over your leaf-covered lawn. Chopping them up lets in sunlight for your grass and they still get nutrients from the decomposing leaves.

5. Trim tree limbs.

If you have any tree limbs hanging over your roof or close to your home, consider trimming them. And of course, dead limbs or trees should be removed safely as soon as possible. Strong winds, storms or weighty ice could cause fallen branches or trees that could damage to your or your neighbor’s property.

6. Protect your outdoor furniture.

Finally, don’t forget to secure or store your outdoor and patio furniture. This includes items like grills as well. Wind and rain could move and damage them or your home. And cover secured furniture if you are leaving it outside to prevent rust and mildew.

This is just a quick list of maintenance items to protect the outside of your home during fall season. Want more tips to help keep your home safe inside as well? Check out how to keep breathing easy with our guide to keeping a healthier home.

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