With the holidays around the corner, you may be shopping for gifts online and having them delivered. In addition to general security measures — like locking all your windows and doors — these 6 safeguards can help keep the cheer and protect your purchases and packages from theft during the holidays.

1. Keep an Eye Out

Invest in a front door camera or security system that notifies you when someone is on your porch or around your home. Surveillance can be a deterrent to burglars and package thieves, and if a break-in or theft does occur, you may have footage to share with the police to identify the perpetrator.

2. Know Where Your Orders Are

Track your packages, whether you’re sending or receiving them. Most online purchases will provide tracking numbers to give you updates on your purchase’s location. If you have mailed a package, you can opt to insure and follow it so you can confirm your friend or family member did receive it when it was delivered. If you are sending gift cards, don’t risk mailing them and instead consider using e-gift cards.

3. Pick a Delivery Spot That’s Not Your Porch

Choose to have packages delivered to somewhere secure besides your porch. Some companies let you include delivery instructions, so you can choose to have the packages placed at your backdoor or somewhere out of sight. However, you can take it a step further and choose to pick up your packages at the post office or a business’s official delivery holding location. If you ordered a gift online, you can also choose to pick it up at the store rather than having it delivered to your home. These options may cost you a car trip, but it reduces your chances of boxes being taken off your porch.

4. Prevent Unwanted Window Shopping

During the holidays, it’s fun to show off all your decorations, but be sure to shut your blinds or close your curtains when you aren’t home. This prevents burglars from looking inside to see what valuables and wrapped gifts you may have on display.


5. Hide Your Valuables

When out shopping, keep your vehicle’s windows up and the doors locked. Don’t leave your purchases, bags or valuable items visible on the seats and floorboards for anyone walking by to see. Lock them up in your trunk or put them underneath a seat, out of sight and safe.

6. Clean Up Your Curb

During your holiday shopping and after gift exchanges, be careful about placing cardboard boxes out with your garbage, so you don’t advertise what new items may be in your home. Potential thieves may see your boxes for the latest gaming console or TV and decide your home is worthy of breaking into. Break the boxes down and put them in garbage bags to go in your outdoor containers, or you can take the boxes to a recycling drop-off.

Give yourself the gift of feeling secure by thinking smart and thinking safe. Also, if your car or home is broken into, your auto and home insurance can provide coverages. HomeFirst® Agency wishes you a safe and happy holiday season.

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