On the LearnFirst blog, we want to satisfy your questions and help you understand your insurance coverages and options. And that includes questions we frequently are asked about mobile and auto insurance. From what HomeFirst® Agency can cover to making payments or filing a claim, we’ve created a one-stop hub for the answers to your

Coverages for Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile home insurance (this includes manufactured and modular homes) can protect you from financial loss if your mobile home and belongings are damaged in a fire, natural disaster, or accident. Some mobile home insurance policy types can include:

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So HomeFirst® covers floods?

Yes, because even if you don’t live in a flood zone, you could still experience a flood. While most homeowners insurance policies separate flood insurance from standard homeowners insurance, flood insurance is included in all mobile home policies that HomeFirst® Agency offers.

Do you offer replacement cost coverage?

HomeFirst® does offer replacement cost coverage, but you may be wondering what that means, and how is this different from your current carrier. Replacement cost coverage generally means that the amount needed to repair or replace your home is awarded using the same materials and quality original to your home, but paying for those materials using today’s current market value and not considering the home’s depreciation. This is different from actual cash value coverage, which is also used to repair or replace your home if damaged, but factors in the home’s depreciation. Most replacement cost policies consider cost per square foot, but different insurance carriers may use different methods.

How do we come up with dwelling coverage?

Dwelling coverage covers your main living structure — your home — and does not include any unattached structures like an unattached garage or the land the home is located on. So, it essentially would cover the costs to rebuild your home, keeping your deductible and the amount of coverage you have chosen in mind.

HomeFirst® agents often start a quote with your current dwelling coverage to compare it to similar coverage, but they can also run a cost estimator. To calculate these costs, factors like the age of the home, the model number, the quality of the building materials and the size or square footage are reviewed by your insurance company. The quote is combined because dwelling coverage is one part of a homeowners policy.

How do I file a claim on my mobile home?

To file a claim for damage on your mobile home, contact us at 800-804-9389 to report the claim, or you can complete the online form. A claims representative will gather information about the damage to your mobile home and assign your case to an adjustor. We will then determine if pictures of the damage are needed from you, or if an appraiser will need to assess the damage.

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Coverages for Auto Insurance

Auto insurance may cover your vehicle and person and well as others’ in the event of damage or loss by either an accident while driving or from perils, depending on the extent of your chosen coverage. Some auto insurance policy types include:

With auto insurance, there are various coverage options available depending on your needs and your state’s minimum car insurance requirements. Full coverage and liability-only policies are both available in select states.

What is included with full coverage at HomeFirst®?

Full coverage typically means having your state’s required policy, usually liability, plus collision and comprehensive. Collision coverage pays toward the repair or replacement of your vehicle in the event of an accident, regardless of who’s at fault. Comprehensive coverage is for damage to your vehicle for reasons other than an accident, such as vandalism, theft, fire, hail, flooding or hitting an animal. HomeFirst® can help you find the auto coverage that best fits your needs.

Costs of Mobile Home and Auto Insurance

The cost of mobile home insurance, just like site-built home insurance, depends on the location, size and age and condition of the home. Auto insurance would also be affected by the age and condition of the vehicle. Other factors to consider for the range of insurance costs are your deductible, the coverages you have chosen, any riders you may have added and any discounts you qualify for.

Making Payments for Your Mobile and Auto Insurance

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Can I make my payments online?

HomeFirst® offers online payments for mobile home policies only. You can make a mobile home insurance payment online using our online payment portal.

For all other policy payments, you have the option to pay your bill by phone or by mail. For phone, you can call 800-469-0518. That number is available 24 hours a day for credit card or checking/savings account use.

Also, for your other insurance policy payments, check with the insurance company that the policy is through to see if they offer online payment options.

To pay by mail, send a check or money order to:

HomeFirst Agency, Inc.

PO Box 645568

Cincinnati, Ohio 45264-5568

Does HomeFirst® have auto draft?

Currently, we do not offer auto draft. However, you can check with the carrier that the policy is through to see if they offer auto draft options.


Can I make monthly payments?

Yes, we offer both escrow billing and installment payment options of 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8* months. The 6 and 8 pay period options are for consecutive monthly pays until completed.

*Where allowed by state law.

Can I make one payment with my mobile home insurance?

Yes, you can make one payment.

Can I bundle my home and auto insurance?

Bundling may be possible depending on the insurance carrier. However, many of our carriers offer discounts for owning your manufactured home and are competitive without bundling. If you have multiple policies with HomeFirst®, contact our team to see if you are eligible for multi-policy discounts.

Will the rate rise at renewal?

Rates are reviewed annually and may increase due to factors like inflation, a rise in industry claims and cost of building materials.

And that wraps it up! If you still have questions that weren’t addressed here, reach out to us. Our team is happy to talk with you and clarify questions about your policies. You can also visit our FAQs page for more answers.

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