Is it time for you to start teaching your child how to drive? While you will probably need to sign up for some yoga or meditation sessions for before and after each driving lesson, here are some tips to help you feel more comfortable about your new driver hitting the roads for the first time.

Apps to Monitor If Your Teen is Speeding or Using Their Phone

Want to know if your new driver is using their cellphone or speeding when you aren't in the car with them? No worries, there is an app for that! There are some apps that go through your cellphone service provider while others do not. You can research several available apps and see a description of what it monitors and how!

Assisted Driving Visualization

Assisted Driving

As car manufacturers are continuing to roll out more car models equipped with assisted driving features, finding vehicles with these features for reasonable prices is becoming easier. Here are a few common tech safety features to look for when you look at vehicles for your new driver:

Woman Taking Driving Test

Driving School

As a parent, maybe you have experienced times where your child seemed to take advice or learn something new from someone else when you have tried to tell them or teach them the exact same thing. You're not alone! If you have experienced that, just a heads up, you might have the same experience when teaching your child to drive. Looking into some local driving schools can benefit all new drivers.

Driving schools can help prepare your new driver through classroom sessions and driving sessions with a certified driving instructor. Some driving schools have locations across the nation while others are local.  Many offer online driving courses. Look for state-licensed driving schools with certified instructors that are approved by your state’s motor vehicle licensing agency.  Some schools offer classes taught by police officers and first responders who have seen firsthand how important safe driving is.

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Safety Tips Your New Driver Needs to Know

As an adult, you have likely learned many safety tips over the years that seem obvious to you, but maybe you haven’t thought about explaining to your new driver why you do these things. So here are some quick tips to share with your new driver you might not have thought about passing along:

With apps, tech safety features, driving lessons and safety tips, we hope you will feel a little more comfortable when your new driver gets behind the wheel. Before they hit the road to set out on all their adventures, make sure your new driver has been added to your auto insurance policy. Some insurance companies we offer policies through offer good student discounts for student drivers with good grades. So, print off those grades and see if you can get a discount on your auto policy. HomeFirst® Agency can help you find the auto insurance policy that is right for you, your new driver and your budget! Give us a call at 800-664-9309 for a free, no obligation quote!

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